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Our business is creative web solutions and design services. We help businesses, organizations and individuals
operate more efficiently, more profitably and at the end of the day, just a whole lot better.


CMS & WordPress

If you're anything like us, keeping all your information organized, online and up-to-date can be a daunting task. Employing a Content Management System is the best ways to streamline your workflow and long-term costs. We specialize in crafting WordPress as our CMS solution.

Custom Web Design & Concept Creation

Our creative services have long been a point of pride around here. Clients often choose us because of the careful and creative attention we pay to every design – not to mention the intuative user-experiences we craft and the oringality we bring to each and every concept we develop.

eCommerce & Shopping Cart Solutions

A secure and intuative online shopping experience, PCI Complient hosting, working within and selecting the best available platform to fit a project’s needs, understanding both techology and human behavior, at Pepper Lillie we have been crafting these solutions since early 2006.

Hosting & Support

A website is a lot like a child; what it really needs is some space of its own to grow and change, and a watchful eye to make sure it doesn't get into any trouble. At Pepper Lillie, we can provide clients with plenty of space and bandwidth, and will stand by to lend a hand in case of needed alterations or any technical troubles.

HTML5 Banner Production & Animation

Increasing traffic is priority number one. Whether online banner ads, animations and promotions needed at specific publication requirements, or a unique HTML email campaign, Pepper Lillie has the resources and experience to provide a variety of impressive online advertising and banner campaign deliverables.

Logo Design & Brand Development

Since 2004, we have been helping businesses and organizations with logo and brand identity. Making and leaving a strong impression in the minds of potential clients, both ours and yours, is an essential aspect of the world in which we live. These services are available whether as part of a website, application or brand-only project.

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Whether crafting website designs to provide an optimal viewing experience through modern responsive techniques or creating separate mobile-only site versions of our work, Pepper Lillie now provides clients with the means to have their sites, old or new, show beautifully on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Proprietary Programming Solutions

Pepper Lillie utilizes only the most modern, non-proprietary tools and techniques for website development and deployment, including easy-to-read, well-documented scalable coding. We currently implement HTML5, CSS3 and the newest, stable versions of jQuery and PHP. Our sites and projects are migrated with ease and are accessible across all modern industry-standard browsers.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research, Search Engine Sumbissions, Worldwide and Local Business Listings, Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Link Building and Brokerage, Advertising Blueprints – the most current web technologies to optimize the performace and visibility of any website we get our hands on.

Webmastering Services

We understand that most projects are never one and done. Whether website content needs updating or application usage has shifted, continued care is an important aspect of any solution.

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