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06.07.2012 Blomstra provides jewelry that is handmade of the highest quality using natural gemstones, freshwater pearls, leather, sterling silver and 18K gold. The diverse collection has a distinct and clean Scandinavian style, blending classic and modern design. We used the quality and modern style of Blomstra, “to bloom” in Swedish, as guidelines for a clean logo, site design and user-friendly shopping experience.

Diamond State Pest Control

06.07.2012 When this small Delaware pest control team bugged us to create a new logo for them, we came up with this design…and their website. The site isn’t live yet, but next time you’re in the First State, keep an eye out for their vans sporting our logo.


06.07.2012 HANDLE Care, an acronym for Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development and Learning Efficiency, was looking to rebrand. For them we conceptualized and designed a logo (two hands, an adult and child, reaching toward each other to form the shape of an H), which inspires hope and empowerment.


06.06.2012 The logo clothing line, Tri, had one basic requirement when rebranding, to not only create a strong symbol, but to design a mark that could be translated across many color combinations, and from web to paper to clothing with ease.

The Yoga House

06.06.2012 The Yoga House is a yoga studio in Piermont, New York. The mark we created on their behalf was designed to be interpreted in several ways. One may see it as a person in meditation from above, a figure bowing, an eye looking to the sky, or also as an abstract lotus flower.

ChatterSource Logo/Branding

03.06.2012 ChatterSource is an online solution to finding housing, bar, restaurant and many other reviews for and by college students. We developed the logo, branding and site design.


01.14.2012 For Nextep, an IT systems consultancy outside Philadelphia, we designed and developed this site and branding.

GSP Emblem

12.19.2011 Designed for researchers and for the public, for members and the casual surfer, this emblem for the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania is its own trip down memory lane. Thanks to our friends at Context for all their great work.

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