Our Partnership with The Adventures of Teddy P. Brains

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with the creators of The Adventures of Teddy P. Brains for the re-release of the animated movie on a variety of digital services. Over the course of 2019, we’ll be rolling the movie of out to Amazon, Amazon Prime, YouTube and implementing a series of targeted marketing strategies. To learn more or to watch Teddy please visit teddypbrains.com.

More about The Adventures of Teddy P. Brains: Teddy P. Brains is an animated program that follows the adventures of Teddy and his cousin Tempest as they seek knowledge and fun on their missions back in time, through space and around the world. Teddy is a 6 year-old African-American boy who has been given a magical diploma by his parents for successfully graduating from kindergarten. At first Teddy is not impressed with this gift and Tempest can hardly keep from busting a gut. But they soon find out that this diploma is magic. It can take them to exotic places and historical times. Most importantly, the diploma helps them to use their minds in imaginative and creative ways to solve fun and exciting missions.